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Train Videos by Video Rails
Part Number Product Description
1989 The Battle Up Sherman Hill---Wyoming 60 min. - Video Rails
1990 The Blue Mountains---LaGrande to Hinkle Vol 2 - Video Rails
1990 Mullan Pass--The Monsters and More---Montana 60 minutes - Video Rails
1990 The Blue Mountains vol.1---La Grande to Huntington - Video Rails
1991 The Blue Mountains Vol 3---Winter in the Blues - Video Rails
1994 Great Northern---Vol. 1---Covers the Iron Ore operations from Kelly Lake to Allequez, St. Paul, and Superior - Video Rails
1994 Grat Northern Vol. 2---Covers the diesel locomotives that are common to everyday use across the vast GN system - Video Rails
1994 Great Northern Vol. 3---covers the vast fleet of steam power from the smallest 0-6-0 to the mighty 2-8-8-2's - Video Rails
1994 Southern Pacific--Double Feature---"ICTF - Los Angeles" & "The West Cotton Yard" 50 Min. - Video Rails
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