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Part Number Product Description
Banthrico 1910 Banthrico, Inc of Chicago Brass Bank---Baker Ekectric 1910 Automobile---no box-no key--excellent condition---made 1974 - Banthrico, Inc.
Banthrico 1926 Banthrico Inc. of Chicago Brass Bank 1926 Automobile---no box-no key---excellent condition---made 1974 - Banthrico, Inc. Chicago
Big A 1918 Ertl Truck Bank--Big A Auto Parts LTD ED--4th Series--1918 Runabout-model 1324UA--1990 released--1/25 Scale--rubber tires - ERTL
Big A 1931 Ertl 1931 Hawkeye Crate Bank--#6 series--LTD E--#9949--1993 release--1/34 Scale--rubber tires - ERTL
Remington 1953 Remington '53 Ford Straight Truck C-600 Bank--MOOSE--MIB--3rd in Series--Individually numbered--1/34 Scale--1995 Release--Seriel # 10-1575 - First Gear, Inc. for Remington Arms CO. Inc.
Sentry 1931 Sentry 1931 Ford Model A Panel Delivery Truck Bank--First Edition--MIB--1992 Release--1st in Series--Rubber Tires--Stock #2506 - Liberty Classics for Spec Cast
Sentry 1936 Sentry 1936 Dodge Panel Delivery Truck Bank--MIB--1/25 Scale--4th Edition--1995 Release--Stock #74004 - Liberty Classics for Spec Cast
Sentry 1955 Sentry 1955 Chevy Sedan Delivery Car Bank--MIB--1/25 Scale--3rd in Series--1994 Release--Stock #50030 - Liberty Classics for Spec Cast
The Texas Co. 1910 The Texas Co 1910 Mack Senior Reproduced forKiopp Bros. Inc. Tank Truck Bank--evcellent condition--no box--#12 Series--1995 Release - ERTL
Trustworthy 1953 Liberty Classics 1953 Jeep Willys 4 Wheel Drive Panel Delivery Collector's Bank--MIB--13th in Series--Stock #29000--13th in Truck Series--Back Doors open for Bank - Liberty Classics for Spec Cast
Trustworthy 1953 Tructworthy 1953 Willeys Jeep Stake Bed Farm Vehicle w/Accessories Bank--MIB--1999 Release--#15 Series--1/24th Scale--Stock #75508 - Liberty Classic for Crown Premiums
Trustworthy 1957 Liberty Classic 1957 Ford Faillane Convertable Diecast Bank--Second in series--MIB--1/24 Scale--1996 Release Date--Rubber Tires - Liberty Classics for Spec Cast




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