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Part Number Product Description
No Picture0195 Adhesive---Hob-e-Tac 2 oz. bottle - Woodland Scenics
No Picture130-1511 8 0z. Tube Glue - Ambroid Adhesives
190 Scenic Cement---8 fl. oz. - Woodland Scenics
No Picture191 Scenic Cement---16 fl.oz. - Walthers
No Picture230-752 Instant Gel Adhesive Tube - Mascot
No Picture289-761 Instant Jet - CGM Enterprises
289-771 Super Jet Brush On Medium Viscosity Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate Glue - Super Jet
No Picture289-772 Slow Jet - CGM Enterprises
No Picture289-781 Jet Desolve - CGM Enterprises
No Picture460-114 Micro- Krystal Klear - Micro-Scale Industries
No Picture460-115 Micro-Liquitape - Micro-Scale Industries
No Picture460-116 Micro Metal Foil Adhesive - Micro-Scale Industries
547-431 Zap-A-Gap CA+ Gap Filling Formula - Pacer Technology & Resources---ZAP
547-433 Zap-A-Gap CA+ Adhesive 1/2 oz. - Oacer Technology & Resources---ZAP
No Picture680-9065 White Putty - Squadron Signal
7 Plastic Welder - Tenex-7R
704-3501 8 oz. tubes - The Testors Corp.
No Picture704-3502 Plastic Cement---1 oz. liquid bottle - The Testors Corp.
No Picture704-3532 Cement Pen---1/3 fluid oz. - The Testors Corp.
No Picture785-1205 Flex Paste---16 oz Bottle vol. - Woodland Scenics

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